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Seeking an Alternative to Regular Medicine, She will Give You More Time and Attentive Care

My daughter had been suffering with chronic stomach issues for almost 4 years before I took her to see Dr. Caplan. I had taken my daughter to her pediatrician, who said nothing was wrong with her. When the issue didn’t go away, I took her to a pediatric gatro-entronologist who put my daughter on a 3-month prescription therapy for acid reflux. It helped, but only temporarily. At it’s worst, my daughter was having intense abdominal pain and even throwing up without any ‘flu’ symptoms. It was distressing not only to my daughter but to our entire family who felt helpless. I finally took her to Dr. Caplan who approached the issue very differently. She immediately ordered blood work and a couple other tests for my daughter and we found out that she had a chronic infection that could be treated without drugs. Dr. Caplan was able to get to the true cause of my daughters stomach issues, something that the other doctors were never able to do and within one month, my daughters symptoms started to subside. Over the course of several months Dr. Caplan worked closely with my daughter, monitoring her symptoms and prescribing herbal therapy. My daughter is now free of all the symptoms that she had for those 4 years and is feeling wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Caplan to anyone seeking an alternative to regular medicine- she will give you more time and attentive care than you’d ever be able to get from a standard doctor.

Success Story: Lisa Engles

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