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About Us

My hope for patients is to get them better and help them stay better.

-Dr. Casey Derr

Helping Patients Naturally

Since he began practicing in 2015, Dr. Casey Derr has been passionate about getting Mountain View patients better without the use of drugs or surgery. First starting out as an associate at another office here in the Bay Area, Dr. Casey began working at Innovative Chiropractic with another chiropractor, Dr. Michelle Caplan, in May 2016. It was an excellent fit for him as he prescribed to her philosophy of chiropractic.

“We transitioned together for a few months as she transitioned out of the practice. Dr. Caplan helped me get to know the patients and the business.” Dr. Casey took over the practice in August 2016.

Getting You Out of Pain

Whether you’re moving the mouse all day at work or struggling to gain mobility after a sports injury, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Casey has an array of chiropractic care techniques at his disposal to help patients experience freedom from pain and enjoy restored function. He is sought out by employees of Silicon Valley legends Apple and Google. Athletic trainers and fitness professionals also seek his expertise to perform better and stronger.

In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Casey also provides patients with exercises and stretches to complement chiropractic care, as well as strengthening moves to get the joints or tissues moving better. His office is located within a 10,000 square foot private training gym, which lends him the ability to show patients a wide variety of exercises and stretches that will help achieve the goals of the patient.

About Innovative Chiropractic


Providing Individualized Care

If you’ve been to other practices that have taken more of a cookie-cutter approach to care, you’ll be pleased to know that Dr. Casey takes the time to individualize the treatment for each patient. “I make sure that I understand what’s going on and then will devise a game plan that is tailored to your unique needs.”

If you’re ready to get out of pain and on the path to optimal health and wellness, we’d like to help. Contact our chiropractic care center today to schedule a Saturday or same-day appointment. We’re open late and offer free consultations!

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