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Written Testimonials

I already feel better! Dr. Casey was excellent!

- Diana

I don’t often give testimonials, but in the case of Dr. Casey Derr, I am compelled to do so. I visited Dr. Derr because of his expertise in the Active Release Technique (ART). I had recently heard that ART might help people with chronic muscular pain.

It was clear during my first visit with Dr. Derr that he is very committed to understanding the patient’s symptoms and history. The ART treatments and chiropractic adjustments he delivered were very effective. In just my first visit, I experienced significant relief to the pain caused by chronic muscular adhesion in both of my forearms. Pain I had endured for over 5 years diminished by as much as 50% after a 1 hour treatment.

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Previously, I had seen multiple medical doctors which made no mention of adhesion and only prescribed Ibuprofen, ice, vaguely-described stretching exercises and rest, which provided no measurable relief to the pain. Dr. Derr’s explanations of the diagnosis and the protocols for treatment are very clear and thorough. It is evident that he has in-depth expertise of the human anatomy, causes of often misdiagnosed pain and the treatments needed to provide great relief.

Until recently, I thought I would have to give up, or severely reduce, my love of weightlifting. Now, with the ART and chiropractic treatments provided by Dr. Casey Derr, have been able to return to the gym. I fully expect to return to the shape that I thought I might never see again. Thank you!

- David B.


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ART Treatment – David B.

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