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Girl Suffers Narcolepsy after Gardasil Vaccine: U.S. Doctors are Figuring Out that Gardasil Can Cause Autoimmune Disorders | Health Impact News

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While the mainstream media continues to state that the Gardasil vaccine is safe with no controversy, stories like this one continue to pour in.

Michelle Caplan‘s insight:

As a Mother of 2 young women this is a topic I am passionate about.  They are marketing this vaccine to 11 year old girls!  Think about that ~  you must be sexually active to be exposed to a HPV virus.  Really? At 11 years old??  From the release of this vaccine they have known there were some serious side effects, but now they are identifying even more life threatening consequenses.  PLEASE be informed, ask questions, understand what it means to be vaccinated ~ not just with this vaccine but with ANY vaccine!

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