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Knowledge, Intuition and Desire to Heal

Having had a number of negative experiences with chiropractors in the past (mainly for the cracking type of adjustment after car accidents), I was skeptical of trying ART at first. Once I met with Dr. Caplan, I was immediately reassured that this experience would be different. Dr. Caplan spent time each session evaluating my shoulder, deciding what needed to happen for that session, and working with me to use ART to release the scar tissue from my shoulder that was hindering my movement and causing me pain. After only 5 sessions (and while doing exercises that she gave me to do on my own), my shoulder is now pain-free, and I have full range of motion. Needless to say, I’m very happy, and I highly recommend this type of chiropractic work – if I have any other pains or injuries, I will definitely be checking in with Dr. Caplan again!

Success Story: Alexis Longinotti

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